5 (+1) YouTube channels for FinTech enthusiasts 

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Julian GabensteinApril 21, 2022

If you’re new to automated trading, you’ll need to rely on resources that teach you about different concepts and ideas. A major platform for learning is YouTube. You can use it to gather information (e.g. for preparing a new article), watch tutorials to dive deeper into a topic or consume casual vlogs to gain insights into what it’s like to be X or how to work like Y in company A(except all channels from ex-Facebook engineers that turn into crypto-bait channels 🎣). For many people, the video format is a valuable medium that allows them to learn more about topics they’re interested in. Naturally, there are many channels concerned with educating their viewers on finance related issues, which can be super helpful to deepen your knowledge. Therefore, in this article I’d like to share 5 YouTube channels for FinTech enthusiasts to inspire you to start using YouTube for education and give you a head start. Here we go!

Structuring ourselves a little bit 

Let’s structure this recommendation list into three categories: (i) Financial Education, (ii) Algorithmic Trading, and (iii)Use Cases. We’ll start by showing you content creators who share insights into finance & stock market topics with their community and explain specific trading strategies. Then, we continue with creators who have experience in software development and therefore share coding tutorials on their channels. In the end, I’ll recommend you one creator who loves to include external APIs into projects and finds use cases that can help you to find inspiration for your next coding project. 

Financial Education 👩‍🎓

We’re not born to understand finance, even though it’s not rocket science. But, before you implement any algorithmic trading strategy, it’s probably a good idea to understand the way things work. If you are a visual learner, watching videos about trading strategies can be hugely beneficial, as finance can be easily explained through charts and/or sketches (e.g. technical analysis, like swing high or swing lows).

For a good understanding of finance & trading strategies, I would recommend the following channels.

The Trading Channel

The Trading channel is run by Steven who became financially free at 23 years old. Steven is a professional Forex Trader& Trading Coach who likes to share his knowledge of FX markets. This channel is a great fit for you if you want to listen to on-point explanations about specific trading strategies (which can be applied to the stock market). His free video content is really worth watching, he’ll teach you trading fundamentals and show you how to read and understand charts. You can see him as your personal trading coach, especially if you’d like to learn more about certain trading strategies. If you’re not familiar with the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) indicator, I’d recommend you to watch the video to truly understand this trading strategy. 

Joseph Carlson

The Joseph Carlson Show (from Joseph Carlson himself) is a series about growing wealth through purchasing stocks. Joseph discusses breaking investment news and comments on current events. He started his first trading portfolio in 2017 and about a year after building up his investments, he decided to share his strategy & journey on YouTube. New videos covering the basics of trading & finance are coming every week. 

He truly helps you in putting your trading situation into the context of current events happening in the world (e.g. stock news like “Microsoft buying Activision”). Sometimes, he even tries to predict in which direction the stock market will go by following the news. He’s thoughtful and easy to follow, which makes watching his videos a pleasure. One good example is his video about the upcoming recession, where he shares his view on that issue in a comprehensive way.

Algorithmic Trading 📊

Are you the type of developer who automates as much of his/her workflow as possible? If so, you might want to apply the same principle to your wealth management. After gaining financial education, you are now ready to put your knowledge into practice. For this, you can hand over your wealth management to your computer by building an algorithm to place trades for you and generate profits at a speed no human trader can compete with. This concept is called algorithmic trading

Building an algorithm means building a model that performs your trades based on different criteria like time, price or quantity. The algorithm will automatically place buy and sell orders when your predefined conditions are met. As an example, you might want to build a strategy that takes advantage of a stock’s moving average to place trades. By translating this strategy into an algorithm, you won’t have to manually monitor stock prices. One big bonus: algorithms don’t have emotions, which means these won’t interfere with your trading activities. 

To learn more, let’s look at two channels (tried and tested, by me 😉) that provide great content to get you started on algorithmic trading. 

Part Time Larry

The first channel I want to talk about is Part Time Larry. Larry’s channel covers the intersection of financial markets and software engineering. YouTube is his part-time job and he lives in San Fransisco. His video series will help you to create programs that analyse and/or visualise stock & crypto market data, APIs and financial services. To do that, he’s mainly using Python and JavaScript.

He’s sharing lots of tutorials regarding coding bots to automate your trading, for example Trading Stocks with Google Cloud Functions or Tracking WallStreetBets Stocks with Python, Reddit API and SQL. In his newest video series, he’s building a grid bot using real-time WebSocket market data with an API. For me, he’s the go-to channel when it comes to algorithmic trading content. I highly recommend this one!

Code with Ania Kubów

Next up, we have Code with Ania Kubów. It’s always great to see female developers in this male-dominated world. Ania is a software developer who quit her former job to focus on her YouTube career and teach others how to code by building awesome projects. She has worked as a Financial Derivatives Broker in Singapore and London in a past life. Currently, she is also part of the core team at FreeCodeCamp. Her channel will help you get a better practical understanding of JavaScript, React, React-Native, Next.js, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, Serverless Functions, DataBase work etc.

Her financial background & her knowledge in APIs makes it interesting to follow her content. Her projects are usually related to finance and/or crypto, like her financial article category classifier in Python (ps: we did a similar project in one of our previous articles on trading with news ticker headlines). Her videos mainly focus on API implementations (e.g. how to hide your API keys safely when using React or building a dashboard). Maybe her videos will inspire you to use the lemon.markets API with Node.js or React? 

Use Cases 🎨

Last but not least, there are channels that can inspire your next trading project. The best way to learn is to do, so let’s see how you can implement your knowledge of coding & finance into a project like a trading application. You can build e.g. a Telegram Bot or a Dashboard for your website or app. The next channel will help you find the inspiration you need.

Jared Davidson

Jared is an iOS developer with one of the greatest communities I could find in the YouTube app developer scene. His videos cover specific coding projects in the field of Swift programming. Sometimes he even likes to include APIs in his projects like his Robinhood project where he used the Alpaca API & Heroku next to Swift in the XCode environment (see the video below). He mainly enjoys recreating already-existing apps such as Instagram or Twitch, but between the project-focused videos he releases personal or productivity-related content too.

Learning how to code in Xcode can be your first step to become an iOS developer (maybe even in the financial world 😃). If you need some help in creating iOS apps with external APIs, this channel would be it. His channel is also open for community responses as it’s a small but active community.

lemon.markets 🤝 YouTube

If you’re searching for a channel which focuses on software development in a financial environment with a trading API, then check out the official lemon.markets YouTube channel. For those who don’t know, lemon markets is a trading API based in Berlin that offers the infrastructure to empower developers to create their own brokerage experience at the stock market (we recently announced our €15 million seed round). On our YouTube channel, we provide content in tutorial format to present trading strategies using the lemon.markets API. Our most recent video shows you how to automate a savings-plan using the API with a cost averaging strategy

I hope you could find some worthy channel recommendations in this article and subscribed to these great creators. Their videos should help you start working with our lemon.markets API. Maybe you’ll finally find the right project that you’d like to bring to life? Did I forget a channel that you find important? Please let me know. I would be super interested to exchange your recommendations with mine.

Hit us up at support@lemon.markets or join our Slack community. Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel as well. We'd love to hear more from you. 💛


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