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Marius SprengerJanuary 27, 2022

With, we are building a trading API so everyone can create their own brokerage experience at the stock market. We believe in the power of open source and therefore very early on encouraged our community members to work on Open Source Software Development Kits (SDKs) that might potentially help other users. In this blog post, we want to dive deeper into why we think that Open Source SDKs enhance your user experience at and present some of the already existing community SDKs. 

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Why is open source useful?

Open source is based on the principle that you develop and distribute, free of charge, a piece of software because it might be of value to others. There are many different examples of open source solutions that dramatically changed the way we use the Internet and software in general. Ever heard of Mozilla Firefox? Linux? Python? WordPress? R? Yup, all open source. 

Coincidentally (or not 😉), all of these examples have a tech-heavy and generally very large user base that shapes the product with solutions emerging from the user perspective. While all of the examples above are used/maintained/progressed by millions of users, the general idea stays the same for smaller open source projects as well: that users know best what a product should look like.

We couldn’t agree more and therefore actively encourage open source SDKs for Not because it is a random guess from our side, but because other companies, far more progressed than us, showed that it works. If you search for Stripe on GitHub, you are presented with (at the time of writing) 22,633 results. If you’re curious about 31. Slowly but surely. 

This brings us to the perfect transition: the community SDKs. Even though our user base is comparatively small so far, there already exist some helpful SDKs in many different languages:


We personally love developing in Python (you might have noticed that by the code snippets in our blog posts and GitHub repos). Our users agree and by now we have two Python SDKs available. The first is developed by our community member Linus, together with Leon, Leon and Jasper. You can find the GitHub repo here. The second one is by community member Patrick who created the SDK as part of a larger project and you can find it here


Another community favourite is programming in C#. Our community member Andre is working on a C# SDK, which you can find here. Our user Robin actually built up on top of Andre’s SDK and created a separate SDK, which you can find here. So, if you’re into C# and want to save a lot of time: go check out the SDKs. 


Those of you who are into data science and statistical computing have most likely stumbled across R. It allows powerful data analyses and is the perfect fit for Our user Mario, Founder of Quantargo, took the time to create an R interface for using, which you can find here


When you develop for mobile and want to build cross-platform apps, you are faced with a difficult decision of using Flutter or ReactNative (is it a bit like Real Madrid/Barcelona or Bayern/BVB?). Community member Melanie clearly decided to use Flutter to build her very own Dashboard. Lucky for us, a Flutter SDK emerged as part of the process. See here if you are interested in it. We’ve also written a blog post about Melanie’s dashboard if you are interested in building your own, which you can find here


Finally, our community member Daniel created an SDK for PHP. Check it out here if you are interested. 

Obviously, open source SDKs always require active users that contribute and progress the quality, so we want to actively encourage you to reach out to the original SDK developers and open pull requests if you have suggestions for improvement. In general, we try to be as supportive as possible when it comes to community SDKs, but are/were not actively involved in the development process. This means that there can still be areas of improvements in some of the SDKs, which is another reason for you to get involved 😉

We are really excited to see what other SDK still emerge over time. For an up-to-date list that includes all SDK mentioned in this blog post: visit our documentation. If you have any questions or ideas: feel free to reach out via anytime.

See you soon 🍋


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