Algo Trading on the stock market with the API let algotraders build their trading algorithms in a developer friendly environment. With our flawless API, algo trading becomes easy and accessible for developers and traders alike.

One of the first stock market trading APIs in Europe

Through our REST API algorithmic trading in the stock market becomes accessible, whether you prefer to write your code in python, java or in C#. Allowing you to query real-time market data from over 5000 stocks, bonds and ETF’s to put them to work within your algorithm.

Join a community of passionate traders and builders is a product designed to enable people building awesome tools and algorithms. At the heart of lives our experienced algo trading community that helps us continuously to improve our platform and shares interesting projects and use-cases. Our ingredients to success are an open ear for user feedback, community events and sharing exciting projects on GitHub.

Algorithmic trading in a nutshell

Algo trading systems let your code execute orders at the stock market based on the rules you define. Algorithmic trading (also called automated trading, black box trading or algo trading) utilizes software which places trades based on a defined set of instructions. The goal is to generate automated profits through higher speed and efficiency of the algorithm compared to human traders. Further, all market participants benefit from the algo traders because they provide liquidity and make the markets more systematic by eliminating the influence of human emotions on price developments. While you have complete freedom over your algorithm and control over the conditions to trade financial instruments, the bottleneck for smooth algorithmic trading on European markets has always been the lack of infrastructure to execute your trades. Traditional brokers offer visual web frontends, which require close monitoring and manual intervention every time the market changes. Historical stock data and real time data is only partially provided and to buy or sell your stocks you have to log into your account. Automated trading strategies, however, can trade for you without any need of interaction on your side. With the state-of-the-art API you can run your trades in a secure and comfortable environment. Our API is the gateway to the stock market and empowers you to build almost anything you could imagine of. You could, for example: 

  • Develop your own script that notifies you when an event happens. This can be a specific price development, but also e.g. when a politician publishes a tweet, an environmental event occurs somewhere in the world, or a newspaper publishes breaking news. Your script triggers a notification and send you indicators or ideas to buy or sell a specific stock.
  • Build a  automatic rebalanced portfolio that ensures you always reach your desired asset allocation.
  • Get your own analytics in your personalized dashboard.
  • Get your own push notifications and manually places orders. This gives you control about your trades, especially when you're dealing with high volatile instruments.

Features that let you build your algorithm in days, not weeks

Paper Environment

Place virtual trades and see how your strategy is performing. Create individual spaces, experiment with different strategies, and visualize your performance in your dashboard.

Historical Market Data

Query historical market data and back test your strategy securely in our paper money environment. OHLC data and quotes are provided and just one API call away. 

Stream Live Data

Receive the latest quotes over our web socket stream and fine tune your trades. Be at the pulse of the market and never miss out a good trading opportunity again. 

Three simple steps to run your trading algorithm


create a space and a unique client in your dashboard

The first step when you build a new strategy is to create a space within your dashboard. To get you up and running quickly, you will receive €100.000 in paper money to play around. At we allow you to have multiple spaces (projects) separately, all running on top of one securities account.


Write your code and connect it with your space

Each space owns a dedicated client and a set of permissions you can later use to authenticate your app or algorithm. Once your algorithm is connected to, you can start querying market data, financial instruments and place your trades on the stock market. From here, you can fully focus your own algo trading system.


Monitor your performance & improve your strategy

Start querying market data, financial instruments and place your trades on the stock market. Let your algorithm run and monitor your performance within your dashboard. Compare multiple strategies and figure out what works best for you. While discussing with an active community of developers and investors alike to continuously improve your strategy.

Code your own trading strategy now!

A trading API created for developers

It’s time for brokerage infrastructure to give you the freedom to build anything you want. Leverage real-time and historic market data combined with flawless order execution in one API.

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