Simple / Fast / Safe

Open your brokerage account in just a few steps

3 steps to opening your account

Step 1
Paper Trading Account

Register for a free paper trading account in 30 seconds to test extensively and risk-free.

Step 2
Live Trading Upgrade

Use the mobile app to open your brokerage account with our partner Baader Bank.

Step 3
open deposit account

After 1-3 business days your account is opened and you can start trading via API.

Get started with a paper trading account

Create a free paper trading account in just a few seconds and get started with your first project. Test your strategy risk-free with 100.000€ Paper Money.

Upgrade to Live Trading

If you have tested extensively in Paper Trading, you can upgrade your account to Live Trading. Every private adult person who is (only) liable to pay taxes in Germany and not politically exposed can open a Live Trading account at quickly and easily.

Simple account opening in our mobile app

To upgrade your account to live trading and open a brokerage account with our partner bank, you can easily use the mobile app. Here we guide you through the onboarding and KYC ("Know your Customer") process in a few intuitive steps, including video identification directly in the app.

Secure account management with our partner bank

After completing the onboarding in the mobile app, your brokerage account will be opened with our partner Baader Bank within 1-3 business days. Managing the brokerage account is free of charge and your deposits are protected by the deposit protection fund ("Einlagensicherungsfonds") up to €100,000. You can find out more about this on our FAQ page or in our contractual & forms section.

Your money is safe with us

Highest security

All your cash funds are legally protected up to 100,000€ by the Deposit Protection Fund and are held by Baader Bank, a regulated German custodian bank.

Your securities are yours

All your securities are independent of your cash funds - they are your own property and belong to you - no matter what!

Free brokerage account

There are no hidden fees attached to your brokerage account. Opening and maintaining a brokerage account with our partner Baader Bank is free of charge.

Download the Mobile App

You can use the mobile app to upgrade your paper trading account to live trading and open your brokerage account with our partner Baader Bank.

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