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This page is supposed to answer all of your questions regarding our API, contracts, functionalities, etc.. In case your question could not be answered by the answers below feel free to contact us at support@lemon.markets at any time.

The lemon.markets Trading API(s)

Paper Trading API vs. Live Trading API
What is the Paper Trading API?

The Paper Trading API is an API that allows you to execute Paper Trading orders and manage your Paper Trading positions. You can use it to safely test your strategies and products. The structure of the Paper Trading API is identical to the Live Trading API, i.e. you could first build a Paper Trading strategy and then easily transfer it to the Live Trading API.

How do I get access to the Paper Trading API?

You can register on our Dashboard. After you have verified your account, you can log in. We have already created an initial API key for you, which you can use to get started directly in the Paper Trading API.

What is the Live Trading API?

With the Live Trading API, you can trade with your own money via a custody account with our partner, Baader Bank. It has the same structure as the Paper Trading API. Find out more about opening a securities account and all the special features of the Live Trading API in the section "Securities Account & Partner Bank". 

How do I get access to the Live Trading API?

You can register for the (Paper) Trading API in the Dashboard. From there you can upgrade your Paper Trading account to a Live Trading account by downloading the lemon.markets app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have successfully completed our KYC onboarding process within the app you will be granted access to Live Trading within 2 business days.


Dashboard & Mobile App
How can I log in to the Dashboard?

You can log in at https://dashboard.lemon.markets/ with your email and password.

What do I use the Dashboard for?

In the Dashboard you will find an overview of your positions, orders, transactions etc. or you can create new API keys. 

How can I download the mobile application?

You can download the lemon.markets app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. 🚀

What do I use the mobile application for?

The mobile app is necessary to upgrade your account from Paper Trading to Live Trading. You will complete the KYC process and video identification inside the lemon.markets app. Once your account is confirmed, you can use the app to manage your previous orders & transactions or activate new orders. 🙏


Requirements, personal data, identification, changes, cancellation of your Paper Trading & Live Trading account
Who can sign up for the Paper Trading API?

The Paper Trading environment is open and free to anyone who would like to use it and has access to a valid email address.

How do I sign up for the Paper Trading API?

To access the Paper Trading environment you can sign up via our Dashboard. All you need to do is use your personal email address and create a password. That's all and you are good to go! 🎉

Who can create a Live Trading account?

Any private person who is of legal age, taxable in Germany (only), and not politically exposed, is invited to create a Live Trading account with lemon.markets. In addition, to wire money in and out of your account, you need to have a European bank account (SEPA).

How do I open a Live Trading account?

The first step to open a Live Trading account is to download the lemon.markets mobile app that is available in the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you downloaded the app you can sign up and we will guide you through the onboarding process to open an account.

How do I verify myself?

You verify yourself through the KYC process inside the lemon.markets app. A video identification by our partner IDNow will be performed to complete the account opening process. Via the webcam, an IDNow employee will guide you through the video identification process, verify your documents, and take pictures.

How long does it take to open an account?

When you have all the necessary information (IBAN, ID card, etc.) at hand, the process itself including the video identification will only take a few minutes (max. 10 minutes). Afterwards, it can take up to two business days for lemon.markets and our partner BaaderBank to fully open your account. Baader Bank is working hard to enable all account openings (issued before 6 pm) for the following day. However, in case of questions or concerns that Baader Bank has to address back to us, it might take an additional day.

How can I update my account information?

You can update your account information in the mobile app settings. Or you can send an email to support@lemon.markets.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account (incl. subscription) by sending an email to support@lemon.markets. Please notice that there is a four-week notice attached to the termination of your contract. 


Options, payment & cancellation etc.
What subscriptions does lemon.markets offer?

lemon.markets provides access to the market data and trading functionality via the API through three different subscription tiers. Our subscription model is built in a way that you are able to choose according to the intensity with which you wish to use our service. Details on the different pricing tiers can be found on our pricing page.

How can I start a subscription?

You can choose your subscription plan during the KYC process in the lemon.markets mobile app. Your subscription starts once you accept the terms and conditions and successfully complete the KYC process. 

How do I pay for my subscription?

We will deduct the charges for your subscription plan from your reference account.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by sending an email to support@lemon.markets. Please notice that there is a four-week notice attached to the termination of your contract. 

How does lemon.markets earn money besides subscription fees?

An additional revenue stream for lemon.markets is the Payment-for-Order-Flow (PFOF) which means that every time you place an order with the lemon.markets API and we direct it to our partners for execution, we/LM receive a small payment in return. This small sum is already included in the price you pay for the specific stock you want to buy or sell, so normally you don’t really notice it. However, it is there and we find it important that you know about it.

How can I change my subscription?

If you want to change your subscription to another pricing tier, you can easily do so in the dashboard at https://dashboard.lemon.markets/settings/billing.

Securities account & Partner bank

Location, costs, transfer etc. of your securities account
Where are my securities account and my clearing account held?

As lemon.markets does not own a banking license, your securities account and clearing account are held by our partner Baader Bank AG.

Is my money held in a fiduciary account or in a separate custody account?

Your money is held in your personal separate custody account at the Baader Bank AG.

What are the costs for the securities account?

The securities account is not accompanied by any running expenses.

Can I transfer my securities to the lemon.markets securities account?

Yes, you can transfer securities to your lemon.markets account. Please use the:

Account and custody account transfer form.

You can find this and other forms on our website under:

Contractual and Forms.

How do I transfer securities from my lemon.markets securities account to another bank?

Please use the:

Account and custody account transfer" form.

You can find this and other forms on our website under:

Contractual and Forms.

Why can't I sell my securities?

Most likely this is because you already placed a sell or stop order for the respective instrument. 

Can I open several securities accounts?

No, it is currently not intended that one person holds several securities accounts at the same time.

How are corporate actions handled?

Corporate actions without an option, such as splits, are simply accounted for without any cost to you. If you receive pre-emptive rights, for example, these are automatically sold on the last trading day. This is also free of charge for you. If you wish to issue an instruction to exercise the pre-emptive rights, you can do so in writing. Please note, however, that in this case the costs for a written instruction will be incurred. When exercising rights, the bank also charges an additional fee according to the List of Prices and Services.

Can I participate in general meetings of companies I am invested in?

Yes, you can participate in general meetings of national stock companies. The company will contact you directly in case you own registered shares. Otherwise, we will send you a notification to your Postbox well before the deadline for ordering tickets. Please send your ticket orders to us through the ticket system.

Reference Account

Money transfer, fees, currency restrictions etc.
How long does a bank transfer to my lemon.markets account take?

Usually, you will receive a credit note in your account latest two business days after the transfer has been made.

Can I use my transferred funds immediately after they have been credited?

As soon as you can see the transferred credit in your account you will be able to use it to, e.g. buy instruments.

Is there a custody fee (“Verwahrentgelt”) on the account?

The fee is in accordance with the List of Prices and Services of Baader Bank AG, but currently -0.00 % p.a.

Why can I only transfer to the reference account?

You can only transfer money to the reference account because the connection with only one account will significantly increase safety.

How can I withdraw money to my reference account?

You can withdraw money via the /account/withdraw/ endpoint. Please check our documentation for more information. Additionally, you can withdraw money to your reference account via the “wire money” tab in the lemon.markets app. You only need to indicate the amount you would like to wire out and it will be transferred to your reference account. 

How can I change my reference account?

You can change your reference account by sending us a message in the lemon.markets mobile app. Or you can send an email to support@lemon.markets.

Can I also hold accounts in foreign currencies?

No, unfortunately, we are not offering accounts that are held in foreign currencies.

Is there a securities loan for the lemon.markets securities account?

No, lemon.markets does not offer a securities loan.

Can I also open a current account with my lemon.markets securities account?

No, we do not offer to open a current account with lemon.markets.

Can I apply for a debit card/ credit card with my lemon.markets account?

No, we do not offer the possibility of getting a debit card/ credit card with your lemon.markets account.

Can I get a drawing limit/ credit line on my account?

No, since we do not offer to open a current account with us and a clearing account does not have the possibility to set such a drawing limit/ credit line.

What happens if my account is overdrawn?

For every order that you request, we check whether your account is sufficiently covered and we only accept orders where the account at the point of our examination would not be overdrawn by the respective order. If it still happens that your account is overdrawn at some point you will get a notification informing you about the status and asking you to balance your account. For the time that the account is overdrawn, you will need to pay overdraft interest amounting to what is specified in the list of prices and services (Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis).

Where can I find the prices and services directory?

You can find the prices and services directory in your Postbox within the lemon.markets app or on the lemon.markets website.

Taxes & Fees

Withholding tax, tax allowance orders, crediting dividends etc.
Will the final withholding tax ("Abgeltungssteuer") be paid on my profits/ income?

Yes, the incurred taxes will directly be paid to the tax authorities. You potentially receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. Tax exemptions or loss offset pots will be accounted for.

How are source taxes ("Quellensteuern") handled?

Source taxes will be paid and certified. However, we do not offer the service to reclaim the incurred source taxes for you.

How can I issue a tax allowance ("Freistellungsauftrag") order?

You can set a maximum amount of 801€ during the account opening process in the lemon.markets app. You can change the amount later.

When does my tax allowance order apply?

The processing time is usually no longer than a few business days. This can, however, be significantly longer when approaching the end of the year. You can view the tax allowance amount specified by you in the “Settings” of the lemon.markets app. This amount will also be retroactively considered for the ongoing year. For taxes that have already been paid a recalculation will be executed and when appropriate you will be refunded for paid taxes.

How can I change/delete my tax allowance order?

You will be able to change the previously set amount by contacting us through the lemon.markets app or by sending an email to support@lemon.markets.

Is there a fee for crediting dividends?

 No, there is no fee attached to crediting dividends.


Data security concerns & our partner DonauCapital
Are my securities safe in the lemon.markets securities account?

Your securities are stored in your personal securities account and the clearing account will also be opened for you in cooperation with our partner Baader Bank. Capital in the clearing account is secured by the statutory deposit insurance for an amount up to 100.000 Euro. In addition protection is guaranteed by the deposit protection fund of the association of German banks. 

What role does DonauCapital play?

Since we as lemon.markets do not have a banking license ourselves to operate in the regulated business of investment brokerage, we have joined DonauCapital as a tied agent. DonauCapital is a financial services institution that has all licenses from BaFin that are necessary for our business. As part of the affiliation, DonauCapital ensures that we conduct our business properly. The tied agent is a common constellation in the investment brokerage business.  When forwarding your order from our systems to Baader Bank, we are conducting a banking transaction subject to licensing: investment brokerage. In our case, we provide this service in the name and for the account of DonauCapital Wertpapier GmbH, so that the activity is covered by its license.

How is my data protected?

The data transfer between the Baader Bank and lemon.markets as well as the storage of sensitive data is always encrypted. We only store and process your personal data within the EU and make sure that this is also the case for our partners.

How can I further increase security when using lemon.markets?

To increase security when using lemon.markets it is important that you use an up to date hard- or software and strictly follow our security instructions. Also, you should never share any of your personal lemon.markets data such as your Login credentials or your API Keys. 

What do I do in case of unauthorized or suspected unauthorized access to my account?

When you suspect unauthorized access to your account, you can simply change your password on your own by choosing “Forgot password” when trying to log in to the account. In urgent cases, you must directly contact lemon.markets (a so-called blocking notification). You can do this directly via the API, by sending an email to support@lemon.markets, or via the support chat within the lemon.markets app. Further information on this can be found in our terms and conditions (Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis) on the lemon.markets website.

What happens if lemon.markets becomes insolvent?

As your credit and custody account holdings are stored under your name in accounts custody accounts at the Baader Bank, these are not subject to any insolvency measures. You can close and liquidate your custody account at any time.

Trading API

Trading venues, orders, positions
What is a Trading Venue?

A trading venue is a trading center that is connected to our API. You can specifically address a trading venue by specifying the Market Identifier Code (MIC).

Which Trading Venues are connected to lemon.markets?

At the moment, we offer the Munich Stock Exchange (XMUN). However, our API structure is designed in such a way that other trading venues can be added in the future.

What are the Opening Times of the connected Trading Venues?

The Munich Stock Exchange (XMUN) is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 22:00.

Which Instruments can I trade?

Currently, we focus on stocks and ETFs. You can easily find out whether an instrument is tradable via our /instruments endpoint.

What is an Order?

An order is an instruction to a broker to buy or sell a particular instrument under certain conditions. 

What type of Orders does lemon.markets offer?

With the lemon.markets API you can place market, limit, stop market and stop limit orders.

How can I place an Order?

You can place an order by sending a POST request to the /orders endpoint of our trading API. Learn more in our documentation.

How can I see my Orders?

You can see all orders by sending a GET request to the /orders endpoint. Read more in our documentation. You can also see all orders in the Dashboard and in the mobile app.

How can I delete an Order?

Orders can be deleted if they have not yet been executed (status: inactive or activated). To delete an order you have to send a DELETE request to the /orders/{order_id}/ endpoint. Read more in our documentation.

Is there a minimum order volume?

For buy orders, there is a minimum order volume of 50€.

Is there a maximum order volume?

There is no maximum order volume in the Live Trading API. In the Paper Trading API there is no maximum order volume either, but the creation of new orders is limited to 100 per day. 

What are my positions?

Your positions consist of all the instruments you have acquired through buy orders, minus sell orders. This means that whenever you send a buy/sell POST request to the /orders endpoint, once the order is activated and executed, the overview of your positions will adjust accordingly. 

How can I see my positions?

You can see your positions by sending a GET request to the /positions endpoint. Read more in our documentation. You can also see your positions when you log into the Dashboard.

Market Data API

Historical vs. real-time market data
What is the Market Data API?

The Market Data API gives you access to historical and real-time market data of all instruments tradable on lemon.markets. 

What type of Market Data is available at lemon.markets?

We provide historical and real-time market data in open-high-low-close (OHLC), historical and real-time quotes and historical and real-time trades. 

How can I retrieve historical Market Data for a specific instrument?

You can retrieve historical market data for a specific instrument by sending a GET request to one of the relevant endpoints, specifying the International Security Identification Number (ISIN). Find out more in our documentation.

How can I live stream Market Data for a specific stock?

In order to live stream market data, you can simply use our streaming offer. You can find more information in our documentation.

How can I use Market Data for my Trading Strategy?

There are various ways to integrate market data into your own trading strategy. On our blog we present various ideas and concepts - get inspired.


How to find or create resources with lemon.markets
Where do I find resources so I can get started with lemon.markets?

On our blog you can get some inspiration and background information. On our GitHub profile, we regularly publish projects that give you an easy introduction to the lemon.markets API. You can also find step-by-step coding tutorials on our YouTube channel. Learn more in our documentation.

Are there any available SDKs I can get started with?

Yes, in our documentation we collect SDKs in different programming languages to help you get started with the lemon.markets API.

Can I help creating new resources?

Yes! lemon.markets is from developers for developers. Contact marius@lemon.markets to discuss how you can turn a project or idea into a resource to help other users get started. 

Contact & Feedback

General feedback, points of improvement & feature requests
How do I contact lemon.markets?

You can email us at support@lemon.markets, contact us via chat at the lower right of the lemon.markets website or join our Slack Workspace and ask a question in one of the channels.

Where can I provide feedback?

You can reach us via our Slack Workspace or by email at support@lemon.markets.

Is there a telephone hotline?

No, so far we only offer written support. But we do it very fast & diligently. 

Does lemon.markets give investment advice?

No, the focus of lemon.markets is to provide a stable and easy-to-use API that allows everyone to build their own trading product on the stock market. However, we do provide several resources to help you get started with our API and your first project. Learn more in our documentation.

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