Historical Market Data

Retrieve Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) data, historical quotes and historical trades. Specify the type of data you want to retrieve using query parameters: set a specific time period, retrieve multiple ISINs or set the numbers format that suits you best.

Real-Time Market Data

Stream real-time market data via WebSockets. Receive the latest Quotes and Trades without any delays and integrate them directly into your brokerage use case.

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Use historical or real-time market data for your brokerage use case

Seamless integration

Integrate our stock database as well as historical & live market data quickly & easily into your use case via our API.

Extensive Documentation

An extensive documentation covering many edge cases to help you start building. Extend by OpenAPI specs with Swagger if that's your preference.

It's free

The streaming of historical and real-time market data is available completely free of charge. We charge the subscription fee based on your trading activity.

The lemon.markets Market Data API endpoints

Retrieve the latest prices or use the historical data of the last months. Go directly to the source or simply use our aggregations in candlestick format.


Access the latest quotes (prices & volume) or make a request for a period of your choice.
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Bid & Ask Price
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Bid & Ask Volume
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Up to 10 ISINs per request


Retrieve trades of instruments on a tick-per-tick basis for specific time frames.
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Prices & volume
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Tick-per-Tick data
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Up to 10 ISINs per request


Directly retrieve aggregations of trades in candlestick format on a per-minute, hourly or daily basis.
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Historical prices
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Open, high, low, close
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Aggregations on M1/H1/D1

Customise the API response to your needs

Easily alter your JSON response by using query parameters. Choose what data you want to see and in what format.

Define your customised time range

Use query parameters "from" and "to" to define the time range you are interested in

Choose your numbers format

Set query parameter "?decimals=true" to receive your data in decimal format. Not what you need? Set "?decimals=false" for int format.

Define the date format that fits your needs

Set query parameter "?epoch=true" to receive the dates in your market data as UNIX timestamp. Choose "?epoch=false" for ISO string dates.

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