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How else will we make money?

Bringing transparency into brokerage is not just a funny statement that we write down on our website because we think it sounds good. We actually believe in it! Therefore, it is important to disclose how we will additionally make money aside from our subscription fee.


Those of you who already have trading experience might be familiar with the term. For others, it might be new. An additional revenue stream for us is the Payment-for-Order-Flow (PFOF). What exactly is the PFOF? Well, every time you place an order with the API, and we direct it to our partners for execution, we receive a small payment in return that allows us to continuously improve the service for our customers.

This small sum is already included in the price you pay for the specific stock you want to buy or sell, so normally you don’t really notice it. However, it is there and we find it important that you know that. Other than that, placing orders with our API is completely free (besides the subscription fee). We provide more information on this matter in our terms and conditions.

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