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The API consists of two core products: Trading and Market Data. The API comes with a clear and detailed Documentation, a simple Dashboard and a Mobile App where you can manage your account.

The Trading API

Our Trading API provides you with all the functionality you need to execute trades and manage your orders. To get started and try out the API, we offer you a free Paper Trading environment that allows you to test your strategies before executing them in the live environment. Once you are confident that everything works as expected, you can take your project to the stock market and start Live Trading.

The Market Data API

The Market Data API offers you convenient access to high-quality market data. Retrieve historical market data to backtest your project or simply use them as input parameters for your strategy. You can also stream real-time market data and integrate the data feeds into your project to immediately react to any movement in the market.

API Documentation

We offer a clear and extensive documentation which explains the structure and all features of the Trading and Market Data API in great detail. Learn how you can get kickstarted with Postman, what different endpoints we offer and how you can specify your requests to get the desired response.

Python SDK

Make your development process more convenient and effective by using our Python SDK. It facilitates communication with the API for Python programs. The library implements all calls to the endpoints defined in the Market Data API and Trading API. A developer's dream!

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you sign up for to receive your API Key or log in to configure your account. It provides you with an intuitive overview of all your current positions and orders for both your Paper and your Live Trading account.

The Mobile App

To get started with your Live Trading account with you will need to complete the registration process to open your custody account with our licensed partners. During the onboarding flow, we will collect all necessary information and verify your identity via video identification. Once your Live Trading account has been confirmed you can use the mobile app to activate your orders, withdraw funds and manage your account.

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