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Connect to the stock market with the Trading API

Build your own customised brokerage experience with the Trading API. Automate your trading, create individual savings plans, build your own web application or create a mobile app tailored to your needs. We got you covered!

Flawless Order Execution

Placing an order with the Trading API is one API call. Using the /orders endpoint you can easily specify the security you want to buy, how long you want your order to be valid or what limit price you want to set.

Convenient Portfolio Monitoring

Keep an overview of your portfolio with the /portfolio endpoint. Find out what portfolio items you hold and how many. Get information on buy-in prices and much more. All with one API call.

Simple Account Management

Manage all things account with the /account endpoint. See your current balance, retrieve your brokerage IBAN, analyse your previous withdrawals. Always be up to date.

Everything you need for your trading use case in one API

The Trading API is structured around 4 base endpoints


Manage everything related to your orders. Buy stocks & ETFs or retrieve all your current and previous orders with one API call.
Order execution & activation
Flexible order ancellation
Detailed order overview.


Handle your account information, manage your withdrawals and always keep an overview of your account activities.
See your account information
Conveniently withdraw money
Download your account documents


Keep your use cases separated and limit your overall risk by using spaces.
Create a space for every use case
Set Risk Limits for each space
Monitor all your spaces with one key


Keep a detailed overview of your portfolio items, filter by space or instrument to get specific information.
All portfolio items with one API call
Filter by Space or Instrument
Get buy-in prices for all positions
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