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Trading API for Developers - get started in our with you own use case immediately! offers access to more than 8000 stocks & ETFs free of charge.
Via our Market Data API & Trading API, you can build your own trading bots, dashboards, or individual integrations.

Place orders with the Trading API

The Trading API enables you to build your own individual trading experience. We provide developers with a REST API for their trading activities at the stock market. You can easily place orders, monitor your portfolio, or manage your account.

Placing an order via the Trading API is only one API call away.

Retrieve stock market data with the Market Data API

The Market Data API provides access to market data of more than 8000 stocks & ETFs. Request historical data or stream the share price developments of your favorites in real-time.

Get Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) Data, Quotes, and Trades. Or retrieve the latest market data without delay via websockets and integrate them directly into your personal brokerage Use Case.

Learn everything important in our documentation

Every great API comes with a comprehensible and extensive documentation. In our documentation, we explain how to use the different endpoints and query parameters with your personal use case.

Use our quickstart guide to send your first API request in less than 5 minutes. Our code snippets in several programming languages will help you to quickly get started on building your own project.

Thousands of interesting use cases

Automate your trading, create individual saving plans, build your own web app or build a mobile app that is directly targeted to your personal needs. Do you already have an idea how your first use case could look like?

Buy stocks via Telegram chat

Build your own Telegram bot and place orders with only a few clicks via chat at the stock market.
Intuitive functionality
Fast order execution
Well structured portfolio management


Create an automated mean-reversion-strategy to benefit from extreme price movements in the market.
Implementation in Python
Automated order execution in the Cloud
Targeted to your personal needs

News-sentiment trading strategy

Use sentiment analysis to create a trading strategy, that trades the news for you.
Automated order execution
Minimal time efforts
Always up to date

Get in contact with us

You can reach us on many ends to learn more about and to actively follow the most recent developments.

Slack Community

At the core of is the developer community. More than 500 users exchange their thoughts on their projects or give feedback on the API via Slack.


Actively follow all big steps that we are taking with On LinkedIn, we communicate all the exciting new content around automated trading & the API.


On GitHub we publish repositories for many different use cases. Get inspired for your own first project or search for an SDK of your choice.

No hidden fees - trading, market data & custody account in one API!

You will have access to our free Paper Trading at any time, so you can build your project in peace and test it extensively. If you want to open a real account on to trade with the Trading API, you have the option to choose from our subscription models. We have created them in such a way that everyone pays only what he/she actually needs.

Pay as you go


Coming Soon

Free custody account
Free market data
Fee for orders >500€ : 1.50€
Fee for orders <500€ : 2.00€


Early Access for free!

Free custody account
Free market data
No fees for orders >500€
Fee for orders <500€ : 2.00€


Coming Soon

Free custody account
Free market data
Premium support via Slack
No order fees
Learn more on our pricing page!
Be part of it!

Try it yourself!

Register now without credit card or KYC process for our Paper Trading API and be the first to know when we go live with the Trading API.
Trading API for developers

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