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Retrieve market data from over 8000 securities via API

Access stock prices of over 8000 ETFs and stocks via the market data API. Retrieve historical prices or stream the price development of your favorites in real time.

Historical stock prices

To retrieve historical stock quotes with our REST API, you simply request the corresponding API endpoints (quotes, trades or OHLC). You can specify your request with query parameters to narrow down which data is really relevant for you. Finally, how you use the data is up to you - for example, you could store it in your own database or use it for backtesting to understand how your use case reacts to different market conditions. Or develop your own dashboard and visualize it there in charts.

You can test all this without risk in our Paper Trading Environment, where we provide you with the complete range of market data free of charge.

Realtime Market Data

With the Market Data API, you also receive the latest quotes directly and without delays via our partner Ably. For example, you can stream data live, process it quickly and easily and integrate it into your use case to make informed buying or selling decisions. What exactly you do with the data is up to you and your creativity. The best part? Your money does not flow into the procurement of the data, but you can use it completely for investing.

Learn more about how to access the livestream in our docs.

What are the advantages of our Market Data API?

Smooth integration

Integrate historical & live price market data quickly & easily into your project via API.

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation & interesting community use cases included.

Free market data

You can stream historical and live market data completely via our API in our free tier.

The most important market data Endpoints

Query the latest prices or work your way through the historical data of the last few months. Go directly to the source or simply use our aggregations in candlestick format.

Quotes Endpoint

Request the latest quotes (prices & volumes) or make a request for a period of your choice.
Bid & Ask Price
Bid & Ask Volume
Up to 10 ISINs per Request

Trades Endpoint

Query trades of securities on a tick-per-tick basis for specific time frames.
Price & Volume
Tick-per-Tick Data
Up to 10 ISINs per Request

OHLC Endpoint

Directly retrieve aggregations of trades in candlestick format, by the minute, hour or day.
Historical Prices
Open, High, Low, Close
Aggregations on M1/H1/D1 - a Trading API for developers

Are you a developer who wants to build a project that is used by others? Are you part of a company that wants to offer trading to its customers?

We look forward to hearing from you - just write to us at

All about the market data API

FAQ - We hope your questions are answered here
Which instruments are the focus of the API?

At the moment, our focus is on stocks and ETFs. However, if you are interested in other instruments such as bonds, derivatives or funds, you will also find them here.

What kind of market data does offer?

With our API you have access to historical (quotes, trades, OHLC) and can stream live market data like real-time quotes. For more details, please visit our FAQ.

For which trading venues can I retrieve data?

So far, we offer data that comes directly from the Munich Stock Exchange ("XMUN"). Technically, however, everything is already set up so that other trading venues can also be integrated in the future. Stay curious 😉

How far back can historical market data be retrieved?

You can currently access historical quotes, trades and OHLCs up to August 2021. If there is a need for data going back further, we will be happy to look into it.

What does it cost to query market data with the API?

You can choose from a three-tier subscription model. Based on your usage intensity, there is sure to be the right one for you and your wallet. The Paper Trading environment will always be available to you free of charge. For more details please visit our Pricing Page.

Is it also possible to query indices such as the DAX or NASDAQ via

Unfortunately not. However, you can call up trades, quotes etc. for up to 10 ISINs at the same time and thus compile the data yourself.

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