Trade Stocks and ETFs via API

Build your own customized brokerage experience at the stock market. Automate your trading, create individual savings plans, or create a mobile app tailored to your needs via our Trading API. We got you covered!

Flawless Order Execution

Placing an order with is one API call. Using the /orders endpoint, you can easily specify the security you want to buy, how long you want your order to be valid, or what limit price you want to set.

Convenient Position Monitoring

Keep an overview of all your positions with the /positions endpoint. Find out which positions you hold and how many. Get information on buy-in prices and much more. All with one API call.

Simple Account Management

Manage all things account with the /account endpoint. See your current balance, retrieve your brokerage IBAN, analyse your previous withdrawals. Always be up-to-date.

Everything you need for your trading use case in one API

The Trading API is structured around 3 base endpoints


Manage everything related to your orders. Buy stocks & ETFs or retrieve all your current and previous orders with one API call.
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Order execution & activation
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Flexible order ancellation
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Detailed order overview.


Keep a detailed overview of your positions and filter by instrument to get specific information.
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All positions with one API call
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Filter by instrument
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Get buy-in prices for all positions


Handle your account information, manage your withdrawals and always keep an overview of your account activities.
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See your account information
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Conveniently withdraw money
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Download your account documents

What are the advantages of our Trading API?

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation, try-out tool & interesting community use cases included.

Intuitive design

The clear and intuitive structure makes your life as a developer easier. Quickly & easily integrate a brokerage experience into your project via API.

Flexible pricing

Among the 3 different price models, there is certainly the right one for you and your wallet. With "Trade as you go", for example, you save on monthly fees and only pay the transaction costs.

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All about the trading API

FAQ - We hope your questions will be answered here
What types of orders does offer?
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With API you can place market, limit, stop market and stop limit orders.

Which securities can I trade?
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At the moment our focus is on stocks and ETFs. However, you can also trade derivatives etc. with lemon,markets. Via our /instruments endpoint you can easily check if a security is tradable.

Which trading venues can I use via
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At the moment we offer the Munich Stock Exchange (XMUN). However, our API structure is designed in such a way that other trading venues can be added in the future. The Munich Stock Exchange (XMUN) is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 22:00.

Is there a min. or max. order volume?
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No there is not. In the Trading API there is neither a minimum nor a maximum order volume. In the Paper Trading API there is also no maximum order volume, but the creation of new orders is limited to 100 per day.

What is the difference between paper and live trading ?
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The Paper Trading API is an API that allows you to execute paper trading orders and manage your paper trading positions. You can use it to safely test strategies and products without risking your own real money. The structure of the Paper Trading API is identical to the Live Trading API. In the Live Trading API you can trade with your own money via a securities account with our partner, Baader Bank.

What does it cost to place orders and trades with the API?
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We offer you three different subscription levels. Our subscription model is structured so that you can choose according to the intensity with which you want to use our service. You can find details about the different price levels under Prices.

How can I start immediately ?
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In the Open a securities account section you can learn more about opening an account and all the Live Trading API features.

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Get started


Register now and experience the API firsthand. Test your use case within the Paper environment or immediately open a brokerage account with us, start wiring funds to your account, and place your first orders with the Trading API within minutes.

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