On a mission to grow investing opportunities

We build the infrastructure to allow every company to launch an investment product.
Because we envision a future where investing in the stock market is omni-present.

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What our vision is

Making investing in the stock market accessible for every European

We envision a future where access to capital markets is provided by a diverse ecosystem of investment products to any customer. Therefore, we provide the infrastructure for the next generation of innovative companies that help their customers build wealth. Keeping our mission to grow investing opportunities in mind on our way to get there.

What our vision is
Why we do it

Because equity rails are still full of manual processes and legacy technology

We experienced ourselves how much legacy technology, manual processes and being left alone with all regulatory complexity can get in the way of building great investment products. This shouldn’t happen to anybody after us.

Why we do it
How we do it

We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to power investment products

We build all the infrastructure our partners need to launch investment products to their customers. Abstracting the technical, operational and regulatory complexity that comes along with this. Integrated via a state-of-the-art API.

How we do it

We are guided by a common set of principles

We follow clear principles in the day-to-day of building lemon.markets. Doing so allows us to build an enduring company, enabling all lemoneers to achieve their best results. This framework is based on the belief that every person has an existing set of values, but at work personal preferences need to be put aside to unite around one way of working. Because using the power of teamwork, we will achieve more than each of us could individually.

A lemoneer will

Put the customer first
Put the customer first
Grow investing opportunities
Grow investing opportunities
Deliver high quality outcomes
Deliver high quality outcomes
Lead with Empathy
Lead with Empathy
Be a team player
Be a team player
Accept no failure, only feedback
Accept no failure, only feedback
Leadership team

Our leadership team is experienced, passionate and hands-on

Dirk Schlömer

Dirk Schlömer's Linkedin ProfileDirk Schlömer's website

Managing Director Back Office

Max Linden

Max Linden

Max Linden's Linkedin ProfileMax Linden's website


Markus Gunter

Markus Gunter's Linkedin ProfileMarkus Gunter's website

Managing Director Front Office

The office

Brought to you from
the heart of Berlin

Our HQ is located in the lively area between Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Every start-up’s dream office filled with life, laugh, white boards and lemon trees. This is were we celebrate our culture, host our lemon.talks and work on empowering a thriving ecosystem of investment products.

Explore working at lemon.markets
Office discussion between two people
Office meeting
Office hallway
Colleagues laughing
Long-term investors

Backed by long-term investors at established funds

We raised over €16 million from investors that buy into our vision and help us delivering it to you without cutting corners.


Oliver Heimes

Justin Overdorff

Justin Overdorff

Max Claussen

Max Claussen

Simon Schmincke

Simon Schmincke

Supported by angel investors with deep operating experience from

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Our story has been covered by media outlets all across Europe and beyond

11 July 2024
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