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Open your brokerage account and buy stocks and ETFs. Manage your Positions, Orders, and Account. Instant order execution between 8am and 10pm. All through  one API. 

Market data

Retrieve historical market data or stream data in real-time. Quotes, Prices and OHLC aggregations ready to be integrated in your trading use case.

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Sign up in seconds and start placing your first test trades. We set you up with 100k paper money - no credit card required. 

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Highest protection

All your cash funds are legally protected up to 100,000€ by the Deposit Protection Fund and are held by Baader Bank, a regulated German custodian bank.

Your securities are yours

All your securities are independent of your cash funds - they are your own property and belong to you - no matter what!

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There are no hidden fees attached to your brokerage account. Opening and maintaining a brokerage account with our partner Baader Bank is free of charge.

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Simple and instant order execution. Extensive Market Data. Rich Documentation with many code examples to get you started. Manage your entire Trading Experience through one API.

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At, we give all the power to you. With just a few API calls you can manage your entire account. Check your balance, see how much Cash to Invest you have or simply request your positions right away.
Get Market Data
Use to get data for tradable instruments like stocks or ETFs. Additionally, we provide real-time as well as historical quotes, open-high-low-close (OHLC) and trades data directly from the stock exchange!
Place Orders with the REST-API
Conveniently place market, limit, stop market, or stop-limit orders with us. Your purchased shares will be directly submitted to an overview of all your positions afterwards.
1import requests
2response = requests.get("",
3        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"})
5returns this: {
6  "balance": 5000.00,
7  "cash_to_invest": 5000.00
11params = {"search": "Coinbase", "type": "stock"}
13        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"},
14        params=params)
17returns this: [{
18    "isin": "US19260Q1076",
19    "wkn": "A2QP7J",
20    "name": "COINBASE GLB.CL.A -,00001",
21    "title": "COINBASE GLOBAL INC.",
22    "type": "stock",
23    "currency": "EUR",
24    "tradable": true,
28order_details = {
29  "isin": "US19260Q1076",  # ISIN of coinbase
30  "valid_until": 1624448807,  # timestamp
31  "side" : "buy",
32  "quantity": 2,
35        data=order_details,
36        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"})

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