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Offer investing in Stocks & ETFs to your customers supports a wide-range of vertical brokerage use cases. We love to partner with financial services and technology companies that aim to offer new investing products or improve their existing ones. Following a clear process we help companies to go from idea to launch in just a few months. Our experts will support you from designing the customer journey, to figuring out the right pricing and building the implementation roadmap.

Take your learning experience to the next level

Empower your customer to take control of their finances! Enhance your experience and make it more accessible and interactive by enabling customers to set up savings plans and invest in ETFs & Stocks directly on your platform. Increase the engagement and stickiness of your product and connect to your customers in new ways. Differentiate from standard offerings by embracing the tone of voice that best speaks to your target audience, whether they are new investors, members of a specific community, or a certain generation.

Customer Journey

One infrastructure to give you all the building blocks along your customer journey


Account opening

End-to-end digital onboarding for your new customers with comprehensive KYC and security checks (PEP/Sanction Screening & Risk checks). Already have KYC’ed customers? No worries - we support KYC-sharing, so your customers don’t have to start another authentication process. 


Account funding

Your customers will receive a German IBAN that supports different pay-in methods and flexible pay-outs. Deposits are ensured for each cash account of up to €100,000. You already provide your customers with a cash account? No worries - we can integrate into your platform and operate modular around your existing setup.


Order management

Offer a wide range of Stocks and ETFs. Supporting multiple order types like direct execution, block orders and savings plans to accommodate any investing behaviour. Orders are routed to an exchange or the issuer directly to ensure best execution. All regulatory required price and cost information is provided before an order is executed.


Settlement & Custody

We provide the mandatory custody services to ensure the safekeeping and administration of your customers' securities accounts. With us, all corporate actions are taken care of with diligence and precision, such as ensuring timely and accurate dividend payments, managing stock splits and mergers, and handling shareholder voting.


Taxation and Reporting

Our comprehensive tax and reporting services include the automatic calculation and deduction of settlement and withholding tax, making it easier for you and your customers to stay compliant with tax regulations. We create the tax documents for end customers, and deliver all relevant information to the financial authorities.


Global asset coverage across Stocks and ETFs from inception

At the core of infrastructure are the most requested investment products. Routing orders to regulated exchanges and issuers. Aiming to provide fair prices and tight spreads for your customers execution. Extended market hours come along naturally to provide access, when it is most wanted.


Find the right setup with our regulatory & compliance experts

  • Cooperation Model
  • Tied Agent Model

Every customer experience is different and triggers other regulatory procedures. Together with our experts, we will examine your existing assets and the desired customer experience for the best regulatory setup. Establishing the right model for our partnership to ensure that all compliance standards are met. If you are already under regulatory oversight, we will establish a mutual cooperation to ensure outsourcing, AFC and compliance standards are met. If you are not under regulatory oversight, we can offer you to become a tied agent and carry out the regulatory responsibility together.


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Responsible for onboarding, client money, provision of trading, settlement services and custody

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Use the API to launch a customer-centric and compliant investment product. Our mission is to create better opportunities to invest in the stock market, ultimately empowering customers to take care of their financial wellbeing. Guiding our partners through all operational, technical and regulatory challenges along the way towards a successful launch.

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Use the API to launch a customer-centric and compliant investment product.

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