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Build your own trading experience at the stock market

It’s time for a brokerage infrastructure that gives you the power to build anything.

Historical and real-time market data combined with flawless order execution.

Shipped with batteries included. All in one API.

Because there is a smarter way to do trading

Documentation & API

An API that gives you the freedom to build any brokerage use case you can imagine. Docs that give you a head start.

Market data

Stream historical and real-time market data. Integrate them into your brokerage use case. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Order execution

Place your orders against our REST-API. Simple, convenient and flawless.

Build your own brokerage experience with the API

Our state-of-the-art REST-API gives you the freedom to build a brokerage project that fits your personal needs.

Automated Strategy

Build your own automated trading bot that places orders at the stock market. Monitor price developments and define your own buy or sell rules. Let your bot do the work for you.

Trading Application

Build your own personal trading experience. Develop your trading application, build your personal dashboard, manage your portfolio in your own web app. The only limitation is your creativity.

Programmatic Trading has never been easier

Simple order execution with one API request. Rich documentation with many examples to get you started. Not convinced, yet? Make your first trade right here.

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At, all of your orders are placed in a so-called Space. The Space is a virtual cash and securities account which you can access conveniently using an access token. You can create as many Spaces as you like.
Get Market Data
Use to get data for all tradable securities like stocks, ETFs, or derivatives. Additionally, we provide real-time as well as historical orderbook, open-high-low-close (OHLC) and trades/ticks data directly from the stock exchange!
Place Orders with the REST-API
Conveniently place market, limit, stop market or stop limit orders with us. Your purchased shares will be directly submitted to your portfolio afterwards.
1import requests
2response = requests.get("",
3        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"})
5returns this: {
6  "balance": 5000.00,
7  "cash_to_invest": 5000.00
11params = {"search": "Coinbase", "type": "stock"}
13        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"},
14        params=params)
17returns this: [{
18    "isin": "US19260Q1076",
19    "wkn": "A2QP7J",
20    "name": "COINBASE GLB.CL.A -,00001",
21    "title": "COINBASE GLOBAL INC.",
22    "type": "stock",
23    "currency": "EUR",
24    "tradable": true,
28order_details = {
29  "isin": "US19260Q1076",  # ISIN of coinbase
30  "valid_until": 1624448807,  # timestamp
31  "side" : "buy",
32  "quantity": 2,
35        data=order_details,
36        headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"}) is just getting started

We are working hard to offer you a full broker experience to let you invest in physical stocks soon.

Open Beta
Paper Money Trading

Sign up for our Paper Money Trading API directly in our dashboard. Start your own project today and place your first orders with!

Closed Beta
Real Money Trading

We are currently testing real money trading with a small group of users. Sign up now for to test our API in our paper money environment and qualify for the upgrade to real money trading.

Work in Progress
Account Opening

After successful closed beta we will make real money trading available for everyone. Together with our partner bank, we will create a fully-fledged securities depository and cash account for you. - your 21st century broker enables developers to build their own investment and trading tools for the stock market. Do you enjoy developing trading bots, mobile apps or customised dashboards? We provide the infrastructure to build your own project to manage your assets with your own software.

We envision a future where securities trading can be implemented easily and quickly in any context. Built by developers, used by the masses. Register now and build your own brokerage experience at the stock market.

6k stocks, 1.5k ETFs, 200k short/long warrants to invest in

Historical & live market data

Rich & clean documentation

SDKs & a vivid community

Get started!

Get early access to

Building a reliable trading infrastructure takes time. But we are working as fast as we can. Register now for our Paper Money API and be the first to know when we go live with our Real Money API.

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